Changing the Culture at British Airways Essay

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Changing the Culture at British Airways
1. Problems you identified from the case
Macro: The first problem changing the culture at British Airways was the merger of the BOAC and BEA. In 1971, the Civil Aviation Act became law and the board was to control policy over British Airways but both BOAC and BEA remained autonomous, each with its own chairman, board, and chief executive. This caused a split within British Airways throughout the 1970s and in the mid-1980. The second problem BA faced was the threat of privatization. In 1984 the government passed legislation that made BA a public limited company. The third was productivity was bad compared to other leading foreign airlines. The fourth was poor service. Poor customer service
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26). BA need to encourage workshops was great within the organization, having done this customer assessment of the competitors allowed the employees from thinking more about the internal company policies and practices and more time interacting with the customers. Customer may become involved in product design. The more interaction between the customer and employees, the more a customer views is reflected on the organization (Jick & Peiperl, 2011, pp. 40-41).
Managerial: BA Managers would have to be very proactive and have a need for change. They made Lord King the Chairman in 1981 and he recognized that a major cooperate change was needed. The leaders at BA must manage through principles. A change was needed in the culture. The leader must articulate and communicate the principles to be successful (Jick & Peiperl, 2011, p. 49).
Goals and Values: The BA would have to have contribute to its customers, investors encourage a shared vision and values, enable employees to act by encouraging greater cutomer and cost consciousness, adaptability initiative, accountability, and teamwork. To accomplish these goals, managers will have to model the way (Jick & Peiperl, 2011, p. 50).
4. Alternative Solutions
One alternative solution to changing the culture at BA is to not resist the change and take an untraditional approach. The

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