Essay on Changing The American Prison System

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Changing the American Prison System Almost 50% of incarcerated Americans are reincarnated within 10 years. A depressing cycle that can be broken by investing in education. Education in prisons is extremely effective for the prisoners and for the justice system. Jimmy Baca’s “Coming into Language” demonstrates the unjust American prison cycle perfectly through his personal stories and thoughts. Baca deeply values education and attempts to gain one during his time in prison. Through his stories readers see how even small amounts of education will drive people to want to learn more. Jimmy Baca shows through personal experiences and moments how education in prison became his form of escape. He is able to overcome his extreme depression caused by abuse from the prison system solely through language. In Jimmy Baca’s, “Coming into Language”, his story demonstrates how the power of education can be used to change the prison cycle in America. Education holds a lot of power. In order to understand and benefit from the power education holds it must be valued by the system. In Baca’s “Coming into Language” it is understood that education is valued by him but very few others. During an interview with the reclassification panel Baca says to the captain, “I will never do any work in this prison system as long as I am not allowed to get my G.E.D” (Baca 55). Baca wants to be educated he sees how it can change how he lives his life; he understands the power that an education holds,…

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