Changing The Air At Mcc Essay

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Changing the Air at MCC
The other day I was driving home from work behind an old truck. I could hear the truck moving because it rumbled and spit while it was in motion. You could tell that the driver changed gears to gain speed because a huge cloud of blackish-gray smoke enveloped my car. I am glad that I didn’t have my windows down because I can only imagine how awful that would smell or even taste. This cloud of smoke was continuous and just polluted me for what seemed like minutes. When I think about why I am supportive of MCC going to a smoke-free campus, I think about this truck. I was bothered by the emissions from the vehicle. I wasn’t causing the pollution but it was affecting me and I was bothered that the person driving the truck didn’t mind his trail of fog. But it’s important to keep in mind that pollution isn’t just the smog from that truck but is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as “the presence in or introduction of a substance or thing that has a harmful or poisonous effect” (Oxford). This is like the designated smoking areas and the thoughts of students who do not smoke. The air at MCC does get polluted with the smoke and lingering smell of tobacco products. Many students and faculty disagree with the habit and would prefer for it to not be present in their school environment. I believe that MCC should recognize this problem by changing the school’s tobacco policy to a smoke-free policy and implement this policy within a two-year period. I understand that…

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