Changing Is Inevitable By A Long Term Relationship Essay

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Changing is Inevitable Being in a long-term relationship changes how you see the world, because it changes who you are. Although many try to say that they will never change, that they are who they are, anyone who enters into a long-term, loving relationship with another human being will inevitably change. A person will find a way to work out any annoyance with the one they love, even if it means giving up a little of your own personal beliefs to do so. Also, any decision you make changes from “How does this benefit me?” to “How will this benefit us?” Lasting love between you and another person can also cause you to open your heart more readily to the world. Allowing another to enter your life and get close to you, opens your heart, mind, and eyes to a whole new world. Two people cannot spend an excessive amount of time with each other without getting annoyed, but when you are in love you manage to find a middle ground on which you can both stand together and somehow get along. As anyone who has experienced being a long-term relationship can tell you, love is a compromise, often you compromise on who you are and what you believe. Especially in a relationship where you are living together, compromise is a must. Relationships focus on ideals “that facilitate closeness (e.g., trust, respect, communication, support, acceptance, love, friendship, and compromise)” (Metts and Livesay). Without at least some compromise, no relationship can last long. However, compromising…

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