Essay on Changing Habits With Habitica Is Simple

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Isn’t it frustrating when nothing changes? The same old bad behaviour pattern keeps happening and good behavior patterns never develop. Habits can be changed, but it requires finding a practical application that works for you. Habitica turns those daily, weekly, and monthly goals- and your to-do list- into a game. Changing habits with Habitica is simple because it turns your real life into a game.

Do you know where you are going in your business and life? Is it important that you have a guideline that directs you in achieving your goals for your business and life? Are you a goal setter or do you wish to be? Read on. Many people love the idea of setting goals. Do the practical applications fall extremely short of your expectations for achieving your goals?
If you are a goal setter, I have found the next step. Habitica. It is the missing practical application that breaks down those major goals into bite sized manageable goals. This has been working for me and could work for you.
What is Habitica? It is —or can be— an online representation of your life. Habitica turns those daily, weekly & monthly goals, habits, and your to-do list into a game.
Back in April 2016, my sister, Teresa Click, introduced me to this online and mobile app called Habitica. I’ll admit, I didn’t do much with it at first. I had the typical business inflammatory disease complex- itis; busyitis; timeitis; energyitis. You know, those typical excuses as to why you can’t do something; I’m too busy; I…

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