Changing Environment Surrounding The World Of Health Care Essay

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The changing environment surrounding the world of health care has begun to force hospitals to reevaluate how they provide care to their patients both while in a hospital setting as well as when they return home. At one time the hospital was merely only held responsible for the treatment patients while they were in house. This sometimes led to increased length of stay, or patients being sent for expensive procedures, which were not necessary but provided more profit for the hospitals. However, now with the ever present threat of fines from federal health insurance providers, Medicare and Medicaid, the extent to which post-hospital patient care is provided has taken on a vital importance which hospitals must observe so they avoid the associated fines from patients who are readmitted within 30 days of discharge.
There are 5 core diagnoses being followed are Myocardial Infarctions, Congestive Heart Failure, Pneumonia, Chronic Lung Disease and Hip Replacements. If a patient is readmitted within 30 days due to one of these diagnoses, the hospital may be fined from a bare minimum all the way up to a full 1%. At face value, this may seem to be a trivial number, but considering the various costs of healthcare for each individual needing care the fines can accumulate well into hundreds of thousands of dollars. An outcome, which can be the death knell for many hospitals that are already desperately attempting to remain open.
In the interest of continuing to provide crucial healthcare…

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