Changing Behavior Essay

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My Personal Theory
“Many people report that helping others feels good, often claiming that they get more out of the experience than those with whom they help. However, what you might not know is that there is research that has demonstrated that doing the right thing for others helps us to do the right thing for ourselves”. (Becker-Phelps, 2011)
As a therapist it is often necessary to understand what our client is experiencing. It is our obligation to want to help the client work through their problems and reach a positive state of mind. There are many approaches to how a client should be handled.
Doing the right thing for others means helping those in need. Being with them as equals throughout their sessions is important too rather
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“Under this model there is constant reminder to the client that they are responsible of their own fate and that it is vital to help oneself. The client must not look for excuses or complain but to step up and take responsibility”. (Gleason, Karuza, Nash, & Zevon, 1990)
In my model, the client also takes full charge of their actions and be aware that they are the one’s who can change their future. There are no excuses throughout the process. It is a straightforward system that will help the client overall in their life and in how they perceive themselves.
The second model I have included ideas from is the Contemporary Model. In conjunction with this theory I also believe that individuals are not responsible for problems but are responsible for their solutions. “It allows the clients to focus their energy is finding the solution, rather than to dwell on why or how the problem was created”. (Darcy, Stepleman, & Terence, 2005) In other forms of therapy, the helper’s main objective is to find the core to the issue I believe that putting more effort into solving the problem and finding the solution rather than focusing on why the problem occurred.
Since I am a true believer on enlightening participants to the true nature of their problem and the difficult course of action that will be required to deal with it.
The idea of the Enlighten Model emphasizes that all bad things are blamed on the old life and good things are credited to the new a

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