Changing A Flat Tire Essay

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You are driving down the highway and suddenly you hear “thump, thump, thump”. You pull over and discover you have a flat tire, do you know how to change it? Many people do not know how to change a flat tire, majority are teens. Are you prepared? What tools are you going to need? The best method for changing a flat tire includes various steps.
First, be prepared for this situation. You never know when you will experience a tire going flat. According to DMV.ORG, the tools you will need are a lug wrench, a spare tire, a tire wedge, a flashlight, and a jack. These tools should always be in your car, and they are mandatory for changing a flat tire. Location is important, finding a safe spot away from traffic flow such as on a flat solid surface is perfect (Paul Wright). When away from the traffic, turn on your hazard lights to give warning to other drivers. Enforce the emergency brakes on the car to prevent the car from moving. Also, place a tire wedge upon the opposite tire to help secure the vehicle from moving. Remove the spare tire from the trunk and check for any damage, such as a hole. If no damage is spotted, proceed to the next step.
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If your vehicle does not have a hubcap, take the lug wrench and begin to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire. After loosening the lug nuts, you should take the jack and place it underneath the pinge flatch of the vehicle (Wright). The pinge flatch is located under the car; it is the strongest part on the car used for lifting. Position the jack underneath the pinge flatch and lift the car approximately six inches off the ground, according to DMV.ORG. Turn the jack handle counter wise, left to right. Remove the loosen lug nuts from the tire and place them somewhere safely; you would not want to lose those! After removing the lug nuts, proceed to remove the tire from the lug

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