Essay on Changes That Shaped The Development Of Modern Policing

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Changes that shaped the development of modern policing involved early failures due to lack of structure, and subsequent phases of change. According to Drew and Prenzler (2015), policing provides authority to maintain law and order, crime prevention and enforcing regulations. During the evolution of policing, three eras occurred and continue to evolve as society changes. These eras include, the political era, reform era, community problem solving era, and arguably a fourth era known as the era of uncertainty or the era of homeland security. Sir Robert Peel’s principles of policing have provided foundation for changes in English and Australian policing and are still providing great influence today.

After the Anglo-Saxon period, policing in England was served by military forces, constables and watchmen (Joyce 2011). Military forces were able to guard property, arrest, take charge of disturbances and riots and also perform corporal and capital punishment (Joyce 2011). Watchmen were in charge of patrolling the streets of London at night, were poorly paid, ununiformed, and largely unsuccessful in deterring crime (Drew & Prenzler 2015). In 1749 another approach was taken with the forming of a group known as the ‘Bow Street Runners’ which involved six officers who patrolled streets by foot, although, the Bow Street Runners were also a failure due to excessive corruption and misconduct (Joyce 2011). The failures of policing caused great conflict within communities, such as…

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