Changes That Have Taken Place Essay

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To write about the changes that have taken place in a word, one must consider the changes that have taken place in the world over a grand space of time, and the word nation embodies this. Nation is a word that has gone through drastic changes in meaning over a great period of time. This word truly demonstrates how a word evolves with the cultures that use them. It evolved from a derogatory ancient Roman word applied only to foreigners’ lands to a modern English word to describe a place controlled by a government. It has had different meanings that have evolved between nations and time. Currently, the word nation most strongly implies a governing body that controls an area and its citizens. One of the earliest words related to the word nation was the Latin word natio which meant race, tribe, kin, or most commonly something born. The word had many meanings, but they were not related to the government or a specific area at this point in history. At this time, most people lived in rural areas and were not well educated. These people would feel a connection to their family, including those with shared descendants and in-laws, and those with a common culture. Intermarriage increased the group of people with shared culture and the nation. This increase could be due to immigration or people from conquered territories integrating into the group. This integration typically only occurs…

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