Changes That Have Shaped American History Essay examples

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Changes that have Shaped American History
There are many social, economic, political and cultural changes that have shaped American history from the 1400s to the end of the Civil War. Many events occurred between these time periods. Socially, America went from undeveloped to developing quickly. Economically, America from hard times due from the rapid number of settlers to profitable because of the crops and goods America could produce. Politically, America went from sharing a similar political system as Britain to America creating a constitution. Culturally, America changed from using forced slave labor to freeing the African American slaves. These are only a few examples of the many that have shaped American history.
Women, men, blacks and whites all progressively changed throughout the 1400s to the Civil War. White women contributed to the profit of the New World by raising families. When the men were sick women would pick up on his duties such as farming. Later, in 1848, the problem of women’s inequality arose. Women fought for their rights and by 1860, fourteen states had given women greater power. Of course the fight was not over yet, these events made the social change clear. Men were seen as the higher power, head of the households. Men’s priorities changed from exploring, farmed, invented to fighting in the war throughout this time period. Black men and women came to the New World as slaves. The New World got onboard with the African American slave trade. Settlers…

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