Changes Of Relationships Throughout Time Essay

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Shift in Relationships
In this society, there has been and will be a role of relationships throughout time always changing. For instance, in the twenty century, men and women were expected to be the “perfect family.” The Women was commonly known as a stay at home wife. The role included having the house clean, cooking meals, and involved in the child life. The wife did not usually work. The man also known as the husband would be work all day would arrive home and the woman would have a meal ready for him without any converstations during dinner since he had a rough day at work “wifes were not known to have conversations that would upset the husband.” Because the husband had a long day at work, he did not need to get involved with the children life. So if the wife would get cheated on they could not say anything about it since the wife would care about the family, friends, and others had to say about what occurred. They would have to be married until death. As the shift in society has changed so has the husband and wife definition. Womens’ role has changed since then now they are allowed to work. They have careers in business, eginears, and others compiting to be equail to men. An education woman balancing a career, being involved with child life (if she has a child or children), and have a husband. But now if a wife or husband gets cheated on they file for divorce. Now no one cares what other people think about their relationship there is no secret between the couple or…

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