Changes Of Change Over Time Essay

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1. Changes in society occur constantly as generations and norms evolve. As old norms and ideas advance, we have to ask ourselves if they have really progressed? In the article by David Amsden we see that since slavery has been abolished it has not been recognized (2015:p.1). We see in the article by Kate Bolick that the idea of marriage might not be the same anymore but a stigma around women being single remains (2011:p.1). Lastly, we see in The Hearts of Men that as gender roles alter with men no longer being the breadwinners, women are still expected to be submissive, and nurturing (Ehrenreich 1987 p.182). In these three articles we see the theme of change over time, but what they lack to notice that change has occurred slowly. There are still old ideas remaining that refrain our society from truly undergoing a real shift in ideologies, customs, and recognition. We have abolished slavery, but it is the U.S’s humiliation and their absence of recognition has not allowed us to improve our knowledge about slavery. Marriage might not be expected of every girl now, but we still continue to assume a woman is lesbian or a crazy cat lady if single. The old beliefs continue to control our thoughts. As much as our roles change like when a child goes from member of the family to member of society, there is still a long road ahead to forgetting old habits and norms (Lachtman 3).
2. Social capital, social interaction and organizing are very important in our world today. Every…

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