Changes Of A Student 's Life When Starting College Essay

1317 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
There are many changes that occur in a student’s life when starting college. Living away from home and starting at a much larger school can be exciting and stressful. One of the major educational changes students go through transitioning from high school to college is the drastic increase in class size. The majority of high school classes have about 50 students in each and graduate with 500 students. Imagine the feeling of overwhelm walking into a ginormous auditorium that could fit a whole graduating class. Having smaller class sizes in college classes helps the education process from the students’ and teachers’ perspective. For many students going to college is a big step out of their comfort zone. Many students are made uneasy when attending their first college class and realizing it is in an auditorium full of strangers. Trying to find the courage to ask a simple question could be almost impossible. The fear of being judged for asking an uneducated question by an auditorium full of strangers usually results in the student keeping their mouth shut. Even though someone else has the same question students avoid asking questions and they fall behind in the material. If nobody is comfortable enough to ask questions, there is not a high likelihood for a classroom discussions to occur. Many students learn from classroom discussions because topics are explained from multiple viewpoints of their peers. If the professor allows students to occasionally walk in late, it is…

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