Major Changes In Video Games

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Gaming has been a huge market ever since the first console launched. Many differences have arose from the introduction of the first console, the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, and the more recent releases into the gaming market, the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One in late 2013, to allow for better graphics, storylines, and overall experiences. Without the changes in video games to adjust to the times, I doubt they would be as popular as they are today.
To draw more and more people to video games, many changes had to be made to the way they are played, and the graphics. The games themselves have changed from cartridges to discs to cloud-based storage of the games. In addition to the games being changed, the ability to save game data on a certain device, rather than on the game itself has been a major change in the industry. Also, the storylines of modern games are much more complex than those of the original video games. Games have adjusted with modern technology to allow for better
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Video games have changed by their graphics, data storage, and even the games that are played. If the graphics, violence, and storyline in video games hadn’t been changed to make the systems run better, and make gameplay smoother. Without the advancements in the industry to please the players, video games would not have survived for as long as they have. The better technology has allowed for games to be more enjoyable and a more immersive experience for people all around the globe. Video games have adapted to the times to keep consumers happy with their product, and allow people to analyze the differences forty years can make. By analyzing the ways that video games are different, many things can be determined about our world today, including that we are a much more technologically advanced civilization, and depend upon the latest and greatest in the industry to be

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