Changes in Family Types in the Modern World Essay

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Sociology Exam Question

Examine the changes in the family types in the modern world.
There are reasons why there are changes in the family types in the modern world. For example, these include things like decisions upon divorce, marriage and having children and also because of the new rights for women and what they can do.
One reason for change in the family types in the modern world is because less people are getting married. The marriage rate is decreasing all the time. Since there is diversity among groups of people living in Britain, there are different statistics for marriage based on the ethnicity. For example, Berthoud found that Afro Caribbean people are the group least likely to get married – only 39% are married of all those
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People live in an empty shell marriage and this is probably even worse than living separated because, although it would be alright to start with, when children get older, they’ll be able to notice that the parents aren’t happy with each other and therefore that will make them unhappy. Studies such as Rodgers and Pryor show that children from separated families are more likely to suffer behavioural problems than those from two-parent families. They are also more likely to underachieve at school, become sexually active younger, become pregnant at an early age, smoke, drink and use drugs. They are also more likely to experience poverty when they are adults.
Since there is a rise in the divorce rate then this means that all the people with children will more than likely have single parent families. 24% of all families in Britain are single parent families. This is a big difference compared to in the past as there would be hardly anybody with single parent families but now it is extremely common. Functionalists would disagree with this because they believe in the nuclear family and this goes against this. The New Right would also disagree as they believe in the traditional family and single parent families aren’t the traditional.
Hareven said there is flexibility and variation in people’s lives and the timing of certain events. We each give different meanings of to life events and make different choices. David Morgan says that family

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