Changes from the 1960s Essay

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This essay is on how much the family has changed since the 1960s. This essay will contain the definitions and variations of the family and how they have changed. There will also be details of the differences of theoretical perspectives. There are many types of families; the most common family group is a nuclear family consisting of two adults of both sexes whom are in a sexual relationship, with children either biological or adopted. They must cohabitate in the same house hold and share income or domestic tasks to some extent. Then there are extended families, an extended form of the nuclear family. The extended family consists of kin and other various relatives. Another version of the extended family is the local extended family …show more content…
In the 1960s, “The Swinging Sixties and is associated with the birth of British pop music and fashion” (), people where just starting get modern technology and new views on social and political movements that were happening. The feminist movement started to make changes for women, in the work place and for their roles at home were changing. Divorce was starting to lose its social stigma “The idea of a lifelong marriage blessed by God is clearly less significant” (). The law was changing, “the divorce reform act 1969 replaced blame with irretrievable breakdown” () My perspective on the 1960s is that a Marxist theory is one that can relate to the time, as people were very much in the role of their class. The male goes out to work and the women stay at home. The working class stuck together and the lines between upper and lower were embedded in society and I think people knew that. The Marxism theory about the role of the owner and the worker were relevant to the time. The economy was flourishing after the war and the manufacturing and agricultural industries were dominate and were increasing in jobs as new technology was made.
The changes today however are great and the Marxist theory is one that is not relevant to this day. Now in the 2000s the line between classes maybe thought by many to be blurred and undefined. As workers have turned in to owners and owners in to workers from the current

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