Changes And Changes Of Parental Roles Essay

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Changes in Parental Roles
The past several decades have brought about many changes in parental roles. Some of those changes have proven to be positive, and families have benefited from them. However, not all changes have been encouraging, but instead have had undesirable consequences, even so, it is not uncommon. As with any change, there will always be controversy whether or not particular changes are favorable or unfavorable. Throughout the last several decades, a few changes that have taken place include; mothers working outside the home, fathers participating more in childcare and household duties, and single parenthood.
Decades earlier the traditional role of women was that of the primary caregiver and homemaker. Women did not work apart from the home. Instead, they stayed home taking care of the house and family. Mothers were responsible for providing for the needs of her family. She concentrated on nurturing both her husband and children, providing for all of her family 's needs and maintained the home by doing all household chores. The traditional role of the stay at home mom has slowly evaporated over the last several decades into a more modern role. Today’s generation of women are seeking employment outside of the home, often in career-oriented full-time positions. The majority of American adults are convencied that the change in women’s roles has been positive. According to an article in the Pew Research Center, “Nearly three quarters of American adults (73%)…

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