Essay on Change Your Thoughts And You Changes Your World

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“Change your thoughts and you change your world” (Norman Vincent Peale). A person’s ways of thinking ultimately decide whether they will live in the world of oppression dictated by the rules of others or to break free and live freely as they choose. James Joyce tells the story of a young women’s battle with her own preconceptions/prejudice to break away from the status quo of a male dominant society and elope with her lover, frank, to a world where happiness awaits her. In Eveline Joyce employs signature craft elements to show the minds’ ability to imprison/entrap people into a state of stasis and isolation Eveline is narrated in third person point of view to show ultimately Eveline’s choice lies within herself. The change that she seeks lies within her. She can be the master of her own destiny if she chooses. The only obstacle standing between her and the future that she desires .Through Eveline’s thoughts it is clear the people she cares about ultimate leaves her, her mother’s death, earnest’s death, her playmates who have moved away and Tizzie Dunn who was dead as well. She realizes that “everything changes.”(Joyce, 25) and it is time for her to leave like those of her childhood playmates or she too would lead a life of dim existence. They were “…rather happy then…That was a long time ago;”(Joyce, 25) The happiness she once felt has been a remnant of the past she is underappreciated at work and home is nothing but place that stored all those “all its familiar objects…

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