Change Proposal Essay

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Change Proposal
August 10th 2015

Change Proposal Marketing, sales, accounting, finance, customer support, and operations are some of the examples of divisions many businesses are structured by and consist of. This report will display proposal modifications in the sales division at the Kudler’s Fine Foods organization. The purpose of this report is to obtain the authorization to perform a change management program in the sales division from upper management. Step one will display why a change is important and how change management will benefit the organization. Step two will detail the four dimensions of change management and how the dimensions purpose relates to the problem. Step three emphases on a summary of how management will
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The division and its management group has put in place a proposal to consistently increase employee awareness and training within the sales department. This will ensure all employees involved in sale; acknowledge the organization selective wine spread and unique food items. The first step in the modification is ensuring each employee in the sales department mandatorily attends the proposed training classes/meetings. The second step will consist of creating a reward bonus/incentive program. The proposal of this program is to motivate employees and to encourage employees and consumers to register in Kudler’s wine tasting and appreciation classes and to increase sales and also give the store positive exposer.
Four Dimensions of Change Management The four dimensions of change management consist of the four C's described in Leban and Stone as coordination, proficiency, devotion, and interaction. The purpose of the four C's is to ensure leaders effectively follow the steps within the change management program. Leader must consider the factors of interacting with employees for preparation on the modification, prepare for how the employees will accept the changes, resources needed for the modification and employee training, the level of devotion needed within the department, and

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