Change Of Racism Over Time Essays

1357 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Debra Friesen
Ms. Higgins
English 1301
4 December 2016
Change of Racism Over Time The world has various issues; however, one of the leading issues is being overlooked every day. Racial discrimination is one of the foremost issues in the nation. People judge each other every day, without realizing they are doing it. The judgement of people who are different has become a natural instinct. Even though racism has changed from white people owning African Americans, they are still being judged as the lower class. Racism is seen and thought of differently depending on the social class, skin color, and gender. Some races are always going to be hated and others praised. Racism mainly affects people of different skin color. People are discriminated for things they cannot control, such as skin color. Racism has changed from many years ago, but has not out grown the nation. It continues to stay apart of what it controlled a long time ago. Racism is the belief that people of a certain race are superior over another race or races. People judge based on color, gender, class and ethnic group. Ethnic group plays a massive role in the treatment of others. They are judged not for who they are, but for who their parents were. Racism has affected the world greatly. People are now counted equal in the nation, but not seen equal by others of a different race. Racism has evolved over the years and is continuing to change. Even though racism has changed, it has not always been the way it is now.…

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