Essay about Change Management

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Introduction Why Change Management are important
Definition of Change Management Definition of Change Definition of Management
Types of Change Developmental Change Transitional Change Transformational Change
Theories of Change Management Lewin’s Theory Beckhard’s Theory Thurley’s Theory Bridges’s Theory Kotter’s Theory Others
Realities applications of the theories Lewin’s Theory Beckhard’s Theory Thurley’s Theory Bridges’s Theory Kotter’s Theory Others
Critics on the Theories
Other factors that effect change management / tools or approaches to change management
- Key success factors
- Communcations
- Other – Coach
Barriers of effective implementing change in management
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The final one is the refreezing stage, as cited by Gordon M. K. (2006) where the new behaviour becomes habitual of ingrained with the individual. All this stage are important by most of the in the management and for making sure that all the staff being affected by the change they must go through all the stage. Here by stabilizing the change by introducing the new responses into the personalities of those concerned as for Armstrong (2006) that cited by Bank, B.V.C. (2009)

Burnes (2004) points out that Lewin is one of the early pioneers of group dynamics and how individuals will usually go along with the group norm whether it is a positive or negative situation or actions. Armstrong (2006) adds how “Lewin suggests a methodology for analyzing change which is called ‘field force analyses’” and involves the following:

. Analyzing the restraining or driving forces will affect the transition to the future state; these restraining forces will include the reactions of those who see change as unnecessary or as a constituting a threat.

. Assessing which of the driving or restraining forces are
Taking steps both to increase the critical driving forces and to decrease the critical restraining forces (Armstrong, 2006).
How does this apply to an organizational change? Ritchie (2006) sheds some light on how an organization can apply this to a change situation. The unfreezing

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