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Almost 70% of all change management programs are described as failures.
Discuss the top five reasons why change efforts do not succeed; and what managers can do to mitigate the risk of failure.

Only managers or leaders who react rapidly and anticipate change are successful because in today’s world change is constant. Moreover, the leaders who invent and anticipate the future are more successful as it is essential to invent the game to be leader in the industry. Organizations are considered as followers who adapt change later even some of them do not survive. Several models are identified for successful organizational change. Champion responds to the complexity and pace of change.
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Control panel change: If a new leader joins the organization, lot of change is expected, especially the employees those who are chosen for the specific job. To handle such kind of situation you must explain why the person was chosen in a group and what will be the outcome of the responsibilities divided. Rest of the team can be taken care individually. Carless states that transformational leaders have common themes (3).
2. Importance of Communication: Communication plays a vital role in change management; most of the time communication is responsible in the failure or success of the process. You may face resistance and anger by the staff if redesigning of a workplace, management change, any process or procedure change is not communicated properly. It does not matter how small or large a change may be, it may be disruptive, if employee is not aware of change. To handle this develop a good form of communication and announce the change and welcome the feedback and questions from workers.
3. Explain the reason of the change: If employees are not aware of reasons why some changes are done they will not be able to adapt it. Some managers say,” do it in this way, forget the old method.” Workers will not accept it as they don’t know what the idea behind it is. It is good to know that some changes are done as per client’s complaint or for improvement.
4. Speedy or Rapid Change: Sometimes management change the plan too rapidly that even team does

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