Change Management Showtime Arabia Case Study Essay

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Showtime Arabia is the largest pay television company in the Middle East (Arab) world, located in Dubai. Showtime Arabia is the premier subscription television service in the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant Territories where it is held between KIPCO with (79% stake) and CBS Corporation at (21% stake).
External factors such as free-to-air television of the MBC group channels in 2007, pose more of a threat in the future due to the fast-changing nature of the industry so in regards to the market growth of the network itself. Contributing towards the external factors are the networks who “copycat” the Showtime Arabia network is a large threat where if Showtime Arabia develops something new, the network frequently sees
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During the infrastructure stage, downsizing the labor capacity in such as reducing nine to five people in the team, sixty jobs roles was removed (thirty roles subsequently redeployed into other roles), is quite the norm for companies which are declining on their target markets.
On the impact of 2007 -09 global financial crisis, human resource management amongst Chinese exports oriented enterprises which generally illustrated with the expansion on all the enterprises, the crisis affected the majority of HR functions. The retrenchment played an important role in cost reduction. However, organizational downsizing and workforce casualization rapidly have had a negative reflection on the long term competitors. The advice and suggestions on the Showtime Arabia’s highly competitive industry has caused the network to force the change while the retrenchment method in downsizing employees would be negative impacts on the whole organization in long term performance. Therefore, Showtime Arabia has to consider their restructuring strategies carefully.
Secondly, the feature of Showtime Arabia's culture is physically known as a system of shared values, assumptions, beliefs and the transformation in which employees are engaged for the meeting challenge to reach the organizational demands. It is called ' the way we do things around'(slide). The term “changing its culture” in Showtime Arabia possibly means they have applied the power structure taking over the

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