Essay on Change Management- Shangri-La 2000

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Change Management- Shangri-La 2000


The paper reviews the changing event of organizational culture of Shangri-La Asia Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Shangri-La”) held in the 1990s. In spite of enjoying some appreciable profits and rapid development of the scale of the company in the early 1990s, their management concerned the urgency of change in organization culture in order to enhance customer loyalty through creating a common goal and a set of common values within the organization. In this paper, Kotter’s change model is used in explaining the critical change factors in Shangri-La. The case study undertaken in Shangri-La, Kowloon (hereinafter referred to as “KSL”) is used as an example to help us to illustrate
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And then each GM will cascade down to all of their employees in 1 year.

5) Enable the actions and remove the barriers

Besides the communication that helps the employee to understand corporate vision, mission and the core value, empowerment were given to the staff to enhance the leadership skills, delegation of authority.

6) Create a short term wins

A lot of times, victory / success motivate. A positive outcome will motivate the staff to think the effort pay off. Just a year, the Island Shangri-La won the quality award. That made the staff acknowledged the effectiveness of “Shangri-La 2000” contributed to the HKMA quality award winning.

7) Build on the change

Quick wins is only the beginning. We need to keep looking for improvement.

As it shows the alignment survey to compare the year of 1996 vs. 1998, all of the category for the staff from different part has improved.

Fig 2. Alignment Survey (1996 vs 1998)

And the external survey also shows a positive customer feedback from the following
Fig 3.

Fig 4. Shangri-la Asia Ltd Financial Data (1992-1997, 2010-2011)

8) Anchor the changes in Corporate culture

Finally, in order to make the change sticks, it should become part of the corporate culture. Support from Leaders this new change is essential. So every year, the company has to do the refresh session for the employee and you see

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