Resistance To Resistance

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In today’s world of continuous and rapid change success in the long term requires a flexible and adaptive view towards changing policies and behaviour. Proactive companies ready to change and adapt are able to avoid organizational decline and see the need for, and in turn begin the change process. Change will always come with resistance, as Kurt Lewin recognized when he created his simple three step change process, unfreezing, changing and then refreezing. Lewins research shows that most resistance to change happens during the change process, although not exclusively. Managing this resistance is a hurdle for management of all industries. This paper will be focusing on the main resistances outlined in Williams & Williams 2013; education, communication, …show more content…
At the base level, human and social interactions are governed by self-interest, voluntary exchange occurs when the belief is that something your getting is worth more than something you’re giving (Blau, 1964). Employees then, are much more likely to accept change when they believe it is advantageous for them and resist when they see it may have a negative effect. It is important to communicate and educate employees, knowing what must be done and how to do it are integral factors in ensuring employees see a benefit from a change process and get behind …show more content…
Employee resistance will often time stem from a feeling of helplessness and the inability to impact the changes that are occurring around them. It is then important to empower employees with not just the complete information, but also the ability to directly influence the changing environment, and thus helping to achieve a sense of control (Laframboise, Nelson & Schmaltz 2003). It is integral that employees environments directly reflect the work that they do, this can be achieved by allowing and encouraging the employees themselves to negotiate and participate in the planning process. Employee support of a change is an integral factor in change management, however if top management isn’t clear and concise while also being backing employees fully a change attempt can spiral out of

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