Change Management and Communication Plan Essay

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Change Management and Communication Plan

MGT 311
October 2012

Change Management Plan

Project Name: Project Customer Number One

Customer Management System Improvement, Phase II

Prepared By: Team
Title: Customer Management System Improvement
Version No: 1.0
Document Change Control

The following is the document control for revisions to this document.

|Version Number |Date of Issue |Author(s) |Brief Description of Change |
|1.0 |10/24/12 |Team |Initial plan |
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We assume a slight change in employee behavior. We estimate change evaluation and management to require 12 months to complete.

Company culture is an important characteristic of a successful business. Successful businesses have an environment composed of workers suited to the jobs they do and policies designed to motivate them to continue working well. In addition, successful businesses have to take care of the customers. Riordan is an innovative company committed to providing their customers with quality products. Through developing an extensive sales plan for the business that includes (CRM) Customer Relationship Management, the company has dedicated itself to increasing sales to existing customers and expansion beyond its current region. Riordan has recently moved beyond their scope of providing plastic products, such as fans and plastic bottles, to developing the new cardi-care heart valves. This demonstrates the company’s ambition and motivation to move beyond financial success. However, there are some internal intricacies that must be addressed. For continued success and growth, the company must provide additional training and development for the employees as well as managers. There is also an absence of promotion for employees who look to advance. Lack of inspiration, growth, and development creates a lower feeling of loyalty to the company. Some employees will begin to seek employment elsewhere if they believe

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