Change Management : A Successful Business Management Essay

2155 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
Change Management The key to effective change is identifying how different people perceive and adapt to change at all levels. Change management can be described as the development of new methods to improve the way in which an organization does business. Change is the most important element in a successful business management today. Leading, following and resisting are three ways of dealing with change. From my experience as a manager, you should always embrace a leadership role in managing change and understanding different approaches to change and understanding why some individuals seem more receptive than others. EI has aided me in managing change within the organization, team and department as I have more awareness around individuals’ emotions when they arise in response to an action or specific situations. One of the most important things that a manager can do is to alter/improve communications to leverage different approaches for greater buy-in and earlier adoption. This is accomplished by knowing your audience upfront, and anticipating questions that may arise as well as knowing individual and how they deal with change, as everyone deals with change differently. From my experience, this is extremely important, as a manager has the ability to affect change with their communication, which can set the tone for the message being delivered and in how others perceive the communication. It crucial to take the time to prepare the communication plan and ensure all…

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