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Change can be confronting and because of this we often try to resist it. However, we need change and we must accept it, for without change we cannot grow. This confrontation of change, resistance and final acceptance of change can be seen in the texts, " Drifters", " And a good Friday was held by all" by Bruce Dawe and 10 Things I hate about you" by Gil Junger. All three of these texts examine the process of change and the attitudes towards change.
These texts all share simular audiences of ambitious individuals striving for a better future. "Drifters" and " A Good Friday was held by all" both use the techniques of imagery, Diction, Metaphors, Juxtaposition, Repititition, Alliteration and Biblical Allusion to represent the concept change.
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The soldier finds himself feeling reverent towards Jesus and his Followers, he finds his victim peaceful, noble and sacrificial towards the coming resurrection. The Soldiers reluctant feelings towards the resurrection is shown in the technique of Allusion, "Well this Nazarene/didn’t make it any easier/not really like the ones/who kick up a fuss so you can/do your block and take it out on them". These events are a reference to Jesus’s Pacifism against violence and war and his divine nature. In this quote the soldier is finding an excuse to continue with the resurrection and follow his orders as Jesus’s nonviolent response to his execution makes the dirty job all the more difficult.
In the text, a simile is used in line 4, “Like a diver just leaving the spring board”. This technique emphasises the idea of a diver spreading his arms, evoking images of Christ embracing humanity. This quote relates to change as the soldier sees Jesus as a sacrificial figure dying for mankind.
My chosen related text examines the process of change and attitudes towards change in a positive and good way. 10 Things I hate about you" by Gil Junger explores the formula of a smart, driven, opinionated, strong women “tamed by love”. This film is a high school modern day adaption of Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew”.
At the start movie the protagonist of the film Kat Stratford is not popular, people do not want

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