Change And The Role Of Management Essay

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Change and the Role of Management
As the old adage goes, the only type of person who likes change is a wet baby. In business, that tends to be particularly true. The threat to the daily routine, uncertain futures and, in worst-case scenarios, loss of income all contribute to difficulties managers must face when change is the air. Solid management skills often mean the difference between a smooth transition with minimal resistance and a transition that ends in catastrophe.
During the course anyone’s career, a great deal of change will occur. From small changes such as the implementation of a new software system, to large changes such as being bought out by another company. The one constant will always be the relationship between effective management and the success, or failure, of that change. Nearly all changes an organization experiences have their positives and negatives. The impact of those positives and negatives typically correlate to management and how it was handled. The case of Queue Bank illustrates how management influences the outcome of change and how their roles in the time of change relate to the functional areas of management. The company represented in this paper has been fictionalized for privacy.
Content Overview
Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are the four main stages of management (Video Education America, 2012). Depending on the situation, managers will spend different amounts of time in these phases and apply to the situation…

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