Change And Change: Concord Bookshop's Change Management Model

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Register to read the introduction… Determine what needs to be revised and then create a vision based on those results. While a change may have been needed, the board decided and made a vision on what they felt would work. Concord Bookshop’s board obviously did not consult the employees because of the anger that came after the announcement. The second step in the process is where most of the planning takes place. During this stage communication with those directly affected is important. According to "Lewin's Change Management Model" (n.d.), “Communicate often” is important during the change process. Creating short-term goals for a long-term effect should include employees as they are the ones who will be working through the changes being made. The board did not communicate anything about the changes until the process was already in the works. The then current managers had no idea this was about to take place. The anger from being overlooked by the board triggered strong resistance and prompted resignations by at least eight employees which included three of the top managers and lowered

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