Essay on Change and Business

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The Effects of Change in Business Change in any organization can be a stressful time for everybody involved. Whether changes are caused by the necessity of restructuring, changes caused through attrition in leadership or other means there will inevitably be those who resist even minor adjustments to what they have become accustomed to. According to Baack (2012), the resistance of people to change can be caused by several factors including being motivated by self-interest, from having a lack of understanding as to why the change is necessary, having low confidence in management and therefor not buying into the process or because they have little tolerance for diversion from their established norms.
Lack of Understanding Issues Baack
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Where he brushed them to the side and minimized their hours and pay many employees became dissatisfied, unhappy or rude when dealing with customers or simply left for better employment elsewhere and as a result the company began to suffer.
Whereas employees and customers need to have people they look to as having their best interests at heart Nardelli seemed to take out the human component of Home Depot, desiring instead to have a highly mechanized business with a few part time employees around to keep the machines greased. As employee concern and dissatisfaction grew many customers became irate at having to search through their locations for help or building materials. Instead of working as a team and rewarding them as such his operation and management style seemed to take on a hack and slash feel where jobs were consolidated, eliminated or replaced by a machine.
Behavioral Theory requires that there is positive reinforcement to motivate employees and negative feedback to curtail or eliminate unwanted or detrimental behavior and for many it seemed like they were doing all of the right things, but there was not anyone around to pat them on their backs for doing it. With sales and profits rising and discontentment growing there were bound to be repercussions and backlash. All of the

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