Change Analysis Essay

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Change Analysis Paper: “Vision.”


The company that I work for, Picker & Associates, CPA’s, does not have a Vision Statement, Mission Statement or even a Strategy that is outlined. Even though we are a small company that most of the time works well together, developing these three items will help the organization focus better as a whole. Over the next few pages, I will develop a Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Strategy for Picker & Associate’s, CPA’s. I will also explain how these statements would impact the company both positively and negatively.

Change Analysis Paper: “Vision.”

I had never really given it much
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Picker & Associates, CPA’s can use the fact that we are a small firm as a good point for us with current and potential clients. The firm will be with the clients every step of the way and will be assigned an associate that can be directly reached whenever there is a problem or a simple question needs to be answered. Most of the larger firms are more concerned with volume and turnover instead of relationships and building trust. The final statement that I really never had given any thought to was the Strategy one. Until this class, I was not aware that these were important to other organizations. After reading the text and giving it a lot of thought, this is the Strategy Statement that I came up with:

To give each client a personal relationship, cost effective results and attentiveness every step of the process.

The more that I think about the Strategy Statement, the more I realize that our company does a really good job at building a maintaining personal relationships with our clients. I have heard personally from a lot of my clients how happy and impressed they have been when they had to work with one of my colleagues. It is a wonderful feeling to know that the organization is doing a great job at giving out value added service to the clientele. When looking at the three

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