Change Analysis Chart Postclassical (600-1450 C.E.) Essay

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* Change Analysis Chart
Postclassical (600-1450 C.E.)

| Basic Features at Beginning of period | Key Continuities | Key Changes | Basic Features at End of Period | Reasons for Change or Continuities | Global Trade
What other trading systems existed at the beginning of the period? The Indian Ocean system is a continuity, not a change.What about the gold-salt trade? Don't you mean the Pax Mongolica? | * Trade was very international. * Silk roads linked Eurasia, and goods traded hands many times along the roads. | * There was still international trade. * The silk roads were still in use as major trade routes. | * New trade routes were made, such as the Indian Ocean routes, and old routes were expanded upon, like the silk
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| * The amount of farming increased and they improved already existing techniques and created new ones, for example the chinampas in the Americas. * Cities and urban areas also became larger and more built up. | * As people expanded their civilizations they could adapt to almost any land that they arrived at and migrated to. They destroyed many habitats in an effort to make agriculture easier for the people. | * Population continued to rise because of the increase in agricultural surpluses because of expansion and new agricultural techniques. As people migrated to new lands they affected those lands just as they did to the ones they migrated from. They brought their own traditions and affected the land with them. | State Systems
What about the Americas at the beginning of the period? What other continuities were there? What other changes were there? At the end of the period, the Islamic Empire had declined politically. Also, discuss the state of nomadic societies at the end of the period. What about the Americas? | * Europe: divided into Regional kingdoms where the nobles of the land were fighting for control * India: They, like Europe, also were divided into small regional kingdoms. * China: strong system of bureaucracy helped to keep the empires together * Africa: divided into tribal clans | * Religion and politics remained intertwined with one another, and rulers from both influenced the otherts,

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