Championship Team : The Basketball For My Father Team Essay

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Championship Team
In fall 2011 I played basketball for my father’s friend team. Our team name was the wizards. We played all over the city, sometimes we would play out of town but mostly in St. Louis. Our season was coming to an end, but not before playoffs. Like college basketball in march madness if you lose a game, you are eliminated. We were a great team so we advanced through the first few rounds pretty easily. But our last three games were all difficult. Our first difficult game was against one of our rivals. We usually could beat them without a fight, but not this game.
They made us really work hard for the win. we had to treat every possession like it was our last. We were switching on defense like crazy, diving for loose balls, and sprinting on every fast break. It overall made us work as a team. In the end we went on a scoring run which led us to victory. The score was 45-55. That game showed us that really working, as a teamwork is better than individual talent.
After that game, we practiced hard because we were so excited for the next game, and we did not want to lose of course. At the end our practice we sent a voicemail message to the coach saying that we would beat them. We knew we had to play at a really high level. However, we were ready. Before the game started, our opponent’s coach walked up to us and said, “What’s up chumps! Ready to lose?” then he handed us a fishing pole, basically that means he was telling us that were going to lose. But we were…

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