Essay about Challenging Student Beliefs : Discussing Values

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Written Assignment 2: Challenging Student Beliefs
Discussing Values I currently work with high school students and topics regarding personal values come up quite frequently. My students like to know about college, of course, but sometimes questions of politics or other related, touchy subjects arise. Generally, if students ask my opinion on something that could be considered a disagreeable topic, I will tell them how I feel. With that being said, however, I always make sure to let my students know that I am in no way saying that the way I think or feel is the way that they should and that I am right. Essentially, I don’t try to persuade my students to think the way that I do. I do, however, like to allow them a chance to think critically about differing opinions. I make sure to tell them that I respect their opinions and will not treat them differently based on the way that they view the world. In this way, I do not feel that having an open conversation is imposing my values on the student, and I make this very clear to them so that they don’t feel that way. This is consistent with Corey et al. (1998) when they state that, “[…] clients have a right to a lot more involvement from therapists than mere reflection and clarification. It is helpful for clients know where their therapist stands so that they can test their own thinking” (p. 79). I feel that it is important for my student’s development to be able to reflect and examine different points of view, which is why I will…

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