Challenging Behaviors : Results Of Indirect And Descriptive Assessments

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III. CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS: Results of Indirect and Descriptive Assessments
A. Behavior: Automatic/Self-Stimulatory

Antecedent: A.) Hears a loud noise. B.) Smells a potent smell. C.) Has a craving for sweet taste. D.) Lukas is anxious or frustrated or excited.
Behavior: A.) He will cover his ears. B.) He will cover his noise and/or move to a different location. C.) He will seek and eat sweet tasting foods. E.) He will spin, jump, and display robotic hand movements.
Consequence: A, B, &E.) He is allowed to do behaviors. C.) Parents will take away edible Function: The function of these behaviors is Automatic.

Replacement Behaviors:
1. Lukas will comply with redirection of Automatic behavior.
2. Lukas will utilize Functional communication to indicate wants and needs.
3. Lukas will exhibit behavior at an appropriate time and place.
B. Behavior: Eloping
Antecedent: When requested to complete a task or denied access to tangibles.
Behavior: He will wander off.
Consequence: A verbal reprimand is used and adults retrieve Lukas.
Function: The function of this behavior is Escape and Access to Tangibles.
Replacement Behaviors:
1. Lukas will utilize Functional communication to indicate wants and needs.
2. Lukas will use coping strategies such as: deep breathing, counting to five, asking for a break, etc. in order to calm down.
3. Lukas will comply with instructions and calm down before having access to tangibles.

C. Behavior: Tantrums Antecedent:…

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