Challenges in Communication Essay

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Challenges in Communication Communication can be conveyed in a plethora of different ways, whether it is a debatable topic between individuals a group of individuals, a problem or issue discussed in a relationship, or every day conversation between friends. Regardless of the situation, the information must be communicated, and perceived, accurately in order for the discussion to yield the intended result. According to “What is Communication?” (2013), “the discipline of communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media” (para 1). Information can be transferred by using numerous different communication methods such as verbal communication, written …show more content…
In contrast, if the speaker delivers the material powerfully and energetically and changes the inflection in his or her voice at the appropriate timing, the group of students recognize sincerity from the speaker and are more likely to pay attention to the speech. However, this can sometimes be difficult for the speaker if his or her focus or thoughts are on anything outside the topic to be discussed. Another difficulty in communication is communication between genders. Communication problems between genders usually occur when there is a lack of understanding that men and women deal with and express emotions differently. For instance, when a man is feeling down he may withdraw himself from the situation and want space. A woman feels that she should be more nurturing and try to talk to the man about the issue. The man may then feel that his integrity and trustworthiness is being questioned and may pull away further [until he eventually becomes angry] (Drobnick, 2013). This eventually can lead to the couple either arguing or putting distance between themselves, resulting in a lack of communication. Similarly, communication between cultures can be difficult. By not understanding another person’s culture or perception of what is right and wrong, opinions can be formed, causing judgments to be made and misinterpretations of that person’s beliefs or values. As stated by Engleberg and Wynn (2011), “direct eye contact

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