Challenges, Skills, And Achievements Essay

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Assignment 4: Greatest Challenges, Skills, and Achievements

As an international sophomore student majoring in Business Administration, I struggle with the balance between studying and working for a long time. The biggest challenge I have is time management. Since we are from different country, social networking is pretty crucial to us because we don’t know anybody when we came to the states. I spent most of the time in making friends, attending different clubs, organizations and events on campus. Furthermore, as I mentioned in previous essay, I am currently learning Japanese. Learning a new language is time-consuming especially when I alo have to take large amounts of Business Administration classes. Thus, I find out that I fail to look for an internship for a while. Attending a career fair doesn’t take so much time but being prepared need continuous learning, practices and improving. For many years, I wanted to be a sales manager. I have worked as sale rep in my country as summer internship. I know it is bombastic to say I want to be a sales manager because I don’t even have any work experience in the states. I should begin with the basics. However, I didn’t actually search or get to know about the internship information related to my dream career. I spend most of the time assimilating in a new country. I consider this as my challenge because I don’t have time and don’t know how to keep the balance among life, study and pursuing my professional goal. I actually asked Kit…

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