Challenges, Rewards, And Experience Essay example

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Challenges, Rewards, and Experience

One of the most challenging parts of my research project was working with the different logistical norms in Ecuador. Communicating with the organizations proved to be very difficult. When I originally planned my research project, I found the contact information for these organizations, but when I arrived to Ecuador this information was either incorrect or outdated. When I did have the right contact information, it often took several phone calls and voicemails for me to reach a representative of the organization. In one case, I scheduled a meeting with an organization and when I called a few days later to confirm our meeting, the secretary had no idea about the meeting I scheduled and said I had not called before. Also, some of the organizations that I planned on interviewing did not exist anymore when I arrived to Ecuador. While these inconveniences made my work a bit more challenging, it forced me to adjust and further immerse myself within the Ecuadorian culture. I had to learn how to efficiently and correctly navigate the country in order to get my project done. I could not approach my fieldwork the same way I would in the United States. In order to interview the organizations, I had to completely mend myself to their norms and customs. While I have been to Ecuador in the past, this research project helped take me to places that I had never been before and helped me meet people I never imagined meeting. Through this project, I was…

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