Challenges of Teaching Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

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Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 1

Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD
By Paula Hill
Grand Canyon University SPE 558 Characteristics of Emotional Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals with EBD
Karen Moeller, Instructor
May 9, 2012

Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 2
Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD There are many challenges presented to the education system in teaching students with EBD. Many of these challenges are related to the interpretation of the definition of EBD itself. This paper will address the many challenges of teaching students with EBD including a discussion of the definitions presented to the Federal
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This is where the abbreviation EBD is derived from.
Challenges of EBD Classifying students with EBD can be a challenge for several reasons. One of them is that behaviors occur along with other problems and/or disabilities. Two classification systems are used to separate types of EBD. These classification systems are psychiatric and dimensional. The psychiatric classification system is developed by the American Psychiatric Association published in the DSM-IV-TR. It includes descriptions of symptoms of categories of EBD disorders. This system is the most widely used. However, the categories are not aligned

Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 5 with the criteria for special education and related services under IDEA. Therefore, a psychiatric diagnosis does not necessarily qualify a child for special education. The education system uses the dimensional system, which is the assessment system. Assessments groups behaviors into two dimensions. These are externalizing or acting out and internalizing or withdrawing from surroundings. The problems with these classifications are those students with primarily externalized behaviors are very disruptive and disturb the entire classroom by their lack of self-control. They can be dangerous and demanding of attention. They often cause a great deal of fear for others. On the contrary, the student that internalizes behavior

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