Challenges of Teaching Students with Ebd Essay

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Running head: CHALLENGES OF TEACHING STUDENTS WITH EBD Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD Laura Shupe Grand Canyon University: SPE-558 January 23, 2013 Education is an important factor of life that is a foundation of intellectual development and intelligence that shapes the futures of all students. There are students with disorders and disabilities who display hardships and delays in education that require different approaches and special teaching strategies.

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The SPED team needs a general educator in the team because their role is vital to the prevention plan in the academic environment. Sometimes the teachers have students with EBD in their classrooms that haven’t been diagnosed and the symptoms will surface in a classroom setting. The regular teacher will deal with the issues first until they determine or diagnose the student. The regular teacher needs to have knowledge or possess the basics of treating EBD students. Teachers should teach them self control and self management techniques to be used on a regular basis in the classroom. If the techniques applied don’t work and the student gets worse than consideration should take place to include the student into a special education classroom.
A special education teacher is necessary for the SPED team because their expertise deals with students of different disorders or disabilities such as students with EBD. Special education teachers can recommend some beneficial techniques that can be implemented in the general classroom setting or for parents at home. Special education teachers may figure out the problem at home which needs to be solved in order to provide helpful methods and then can facilitate intervention in the classroom setting. The team needs to have a good combination of people with intervention techniques for special education in the education school plan. This will reduce the risk of school factors for
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