Challenges Of Providing Food For Growing Population Essay

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Challenges in Providing Food for the Growing Population
Today, humans face many problems in the world: ocean acidification, extreme weather events, decrease in biodiversity, increase in greenhouse gases and more. All of these issues are connected and stem from one source: humans. Humans are the causes of many of these problems; however, humans have vast intelligence and have made incredible technological and industrial advances over time. Humans are the only ones who can solve the problems that have been created. One escalating problem is to provide sufficient, nutritious foods to the world’s growing population. The human population will reach 9-10 billion by year 2100 and if changes are not made to our current agricultural system, humans may run out of vital resources, like fresh water, nitrogen, and phosphorus. This may lead to not producing enough food to sustain the population. A few major challenges are the sharply declining levels of natural resources, the increase in the meat and dairy industry, and money being a primary factor in agricultural decision.
Humans are using natural resources like they are indefinite. Fresh water is being used at an unsustainable rate. There is only so much groundwater and freshwater available for use in lakes and rivers. About 70% of the world’s freshwater use is used for irrigation. Humans are wasting precious resources that we need to sustain for the future. If we keep up the current pace of water usage for irrigation, we will run out…

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