Challenges Of Prophet Islam

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All praise to Allah for His guidance towards straight path. He is the only One who gives protection and guides to the believers. Peace and blessing to Prophet Muhammad as a Messenger of Allah, a compassionate, saviour and guider to right path. He is an icon for human race to emulate.

Ever since the advent of Islam to this world, Islam faced many challenges from its foes, that is, the disbelievers. The disbelievers want to extinguish Islam and its foundation from this world. However, Allah will always protect Islam as a religion of Allah (al-deen) on this earth.

As before in the olden days, currently Islam is facing various challenges from secularism, other religions, atheism, modernism, liberalism, pluralism, deviationists etc. The non-Muslims
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For example, they described Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a robber gang, a clan leader who suppressed others, a sexual pervert, loved sex, forced people to convert to Islam by sward etc. This was far cry from the truth. They degraded Islamic culture and Islamic rituals. They also misrepresented about history of Islam. In reality, they forgot that Islam brought civilisation to them through Spain and other European countries because for many centuries they were under the Muslim rule. Before Islamic enlightenment came to Europe, they were ignorant and lived under Dark …show more content…
Polarisation of Religions
Polarisation of religions is between three great religions of the world, namely the Jewish, Christian and Islam. Each of them claimed that theirs is the right one. Notwithstanding, the religion of Islam is the chosen religion by Allah brought down through His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
The people of the Scriptures or Books (Jews and Christians) respectively had adulterated their Books (Old Testament and New Testament). Their Books rescinded by Allah when Islam and al-Quran brought down to this world. Thus, the Jews and the Christians despised Islam.
The conflict among them will never end until doomsday. The conflict is synonym with the clash of civilisations. The crux of the whole things is that the Muslims believe in Monotheism of Allah, all the prophets and the original Books revealed to the Jews and the Christians. On the other hands, they do not accept Islam and Prophet Muhammad as the last prophet on earth because of their jealousy and hatred towards Islam.
Nonetheless, the conflict between the followers of different religions and their civilisations may be contained if there are mutual respect, understanding and tolerance with one another. Medina Constitution proved that the multi-religious and ethnic could

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