Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Research Papers

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
When a human experiences something traumatizing, there is a very high possibility that it will affect that person in a negative way. If the experience was extremely traumatizing for the person, the challenges one will face will not be for short-term but more likely long-term. The inability to go on with one’s daily life because of the challenges and suffering one faces will make life a bit difficult. Post-traumatic stress disorder is what one will face after a traumatizing experience or event. In “Abnormal Psychology”, James N. Butcher, Jill M. Hooley, and Susan Mineka (2007), define post-traumatic stress disorder as a “disorder that occurs following an extreme traumatic event, in which a person reexperiences the event, avoids reminder of the trauma, and exhibits persistent increased arousal” (p. 623). For example, a traumatizing event for a young girl can be getting kidnapped. If one day she is kidnapped and found by the police and her parents after few days, most definitely that traumatizing event will affect her life. It will affect her as she will probably be scared at all times, scared to go outside or leave
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In post-traumatic stress disorder, it is known for the stress caused by the traumatic event to cause this disorder. Iribarren, Paolo Prolo, Negoita Neagos, and Francesco Chiappelli (2005), mention how the stress from traumatic events lead to psycho-emotional and physiopathological outcomes. People who struggle with post-traumatic stress syndrome often have reoccurring flashbacks of the traumatic incident and struggle to sleep as they experience nightmares of the incident. It is hard to move on from the moment because people who struggle with this disorder are stuck in the moment of trauma. Having a difficult time moving on many areas of their life can be affect, such as socially, biologically, psychologically, and

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