Essay on Challenges Of Managing A Diverse Workforce

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Cultural differences
Cultural differences is one of the challenges that is faced while trying to manage a diverse workforce. Although we are in the globalisation era where different cultures are becoming assimilated, there are still some areas of the world that adhere to their culture strictly. In the midst of trying to hire diverse individuals, it is important that management realize that they need to accommodate and tolerate all cultures. According to Bedi, et al., more of the misunderstandings at the workplace are instances of cultural differences for example to offer suggestions or to be self-restraint (2014). Due to distinct cultural differences that shape behaviour, some individuals may be reluctant to abandon their cultures in the work setting. Management may experience cases of gender discrimination and stereotyping among employees.
Communication problems
Communication problems arising from language and ascent barrier can be a challenge while managing diverse workforce. It creates a problem since staff members are unable to understand one another. Muller (2014) notes that communication barrier is not limited to oral communication, but also body language where people might misinterpret certain communication signs. This can lead to misunderstanding, errors, and time wastage as people perform their work.
Resistance to change
Due to cultural differences, some employees resist change making it difficult for them to…

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