Challenges Of Long Haul Plane Flights Essay

788 Words Nov 7th, 2015 4 Pages
The last month has been busy for in8model circles. I had the opportunity to endure the challenges of long-haul plane flights to be rewarded with people, culture, scenery and different world views. First stop was Bali, where I addressed a chiropractic conference. A stand-out from this convention were two local kids, 12 year old boy and 15 year old sister. Their story that they related to us is as follows:
We cast our memory back to 2011 when we first entered some schools in central, hot, dusty poor India. We formed friends with children in the play ground while our mum and dad volunteered as chiropractors. I was 11 and my brother Finn was only 8. Every year we go back to the same place. At a certain time I turned 13 and I observed something quite strange, something that I did not like to see – a lot of my friends who also turned 13 were missing, not at school. We found out that my friends were not allowed to attend school simply because they did not have a school uniform. We learnt that, in this area, the Indian government pays for school fees, books, food and school uniforms up until 12 years old. But after 12, they stop with their uniform contribution which causes enormous school drop out levels in poor communities. As privileged children growing up in the west we could not believe that something so simple, so affordable had such a measurable impact on the lives of poor children. So Nalu started as a spontaneous desire to give school uniforms to kids who really needed them.…

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