Essay about Challenges of Hrm in Nigeria

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1 ENGAGING THE CHALLENGES OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN PUBLIC ORGANISATIONS IN NIGERIA By Prof. Fab Obeta Onah Professor of Public Administration and Local Government University of Nigeria Introduction

The increasing importance of people as the primary sustainable source of competitive advantage makes it even more important that dedicated resources and thinking time are applied to the strategies through which people are developed and managed.
- CIPD, 2001

I remain honoured, and humbled by this opportunity given to me to share my experiences with distinguished personalities here present. I thank God for making this lecture possible and even thank Him more for making it possible for all of us to be present here today. Issues in human
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Other resources such as financial,

2 information, or physical are also essential but only human resources are virtually boundless in the potential impact on the organisation. Rather unfortunately, this overwhelming and pervasive role of human resources in organisations appears to be compromised to the extent of misplacing its role in the achievement of organisational objectives. Small wonder the attention given to issues in human resource management, especially in Nigeria, is less than satisfactory. Organisations today face many challenges in the management of their human resources – challenges that range from constant changes in organisational environment, through unmotivated workforce to shortage of skilled manpower even in the face of heavy unemployment syndrome. We believe that what sets most successful organisations apart is how they manage human resources. The ability to achieve and sustain competitive advantage lies within the workforce. Without exception, what keeps executives up at night are decisions about human resources that are rather difficult and delicate: how to select and develop future leaders, how to reward good performance, or how to control labour costs while still treating people fairly. The specific challenges depend on the pressures organisations face. Managing human resources is indeed a challenge. The impetus of choosing this topic stems from my

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