Long Term Care Challenges

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Long term care and mental illness are health related issues that plague millions of people all across the world. Both present different but similar problems in that, there are limited resources to fulfill the needs of patients suffering from any illness falling under these scopes. Financing the long term care needs of these patients and finding quality health care facilities to carry out the required services can be a difficult challenge. To make sure that the industry can keep up with the challenges that are foreseen in the health care industry there are several obstacles they will need to overcome. First the healthcare professionals must be very educated and skilled to provide the care needed. The industry itself must prepare itself for the amount of growth that is anticipated in specialized providers as well as the influx of patients, technological advances must be made, and making sure that the appropriate health care coverage is in place to cover the cost of the services provided. These are sure to be tricky issues that will be difficult to resolve but …show more content…
The patients wonder how they will be able to afford the rising costs of medical care and the providers wonder how they will be able to cover the expenses of those patients unable to pay for treatment. With the increase of applicants due to the baby boomer generation it is anticipated that Medicaid and Medicare benefits are likely to be strained and coverage’s modified for future qualified applicants. To offset the burden, applicants many need to secure additional medical coverage to alienate out of pocket cost that may be incurred with the increased cost of medical care. For medical care providers they may need to extend the medical services offered to bridge the gap for those patients unable to pay the expenses of long term and aging medical care they are being

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