Essay on Challenges of Good Governance in Pakistan

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Challenges of Good Governance

The nation celebrated this 'Pakistan Day' in a significant and unconventional manner. It was a noteworthy occasion in history of Pakistan this time for the challenges facing in maintaining good governance are yet to appear in coming days for government in place. The leaders of Pakistan adopt the course and principles which had been conveyed by the founder of Pakistan to make a true enlightened moderated state which ensures basic rights of people, secures the prosperity of Pakistan. Their deeds and actions would determine in future either their policies are in accordance with the sayings of Quaid-e-azam or deviation from his golden principles.

The elements including failure of Civil and military rule,
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Both the leaders in their statement were of the opinion that all politicak matters would be sorted out by reconciliation and in best interest of the state.The centre is already surrounded by dense clouds of danger from inside and outside. It is near to the orbit of perils that is near to approach. The discussions between both leaders ended in furnishing support and to find solution of the issues jointly. By adopting this, it is not difficult for the opposition to maintain the true spirit of politics and in promoting national interest. So that the mandate which was offered through the voters would be honoured and guarantee basic human rights of citizens.

The Prime minister and the President have different sets of opinion in possession; therefore, it is truely the responsibility of PML(Q) and its followers to recongnise circumstances rightly and effectively. The roots of political stability can only be nurtured if the atmosphere of reconciliation allow the common man to avail that relief. Hinderances are avoided with patience and wisdom. The note worthy of these is 17th amendment. Currently, the status quo is irreversible and environment of trust can only be backed by implenting the charter of democracy(CoD).

The stance of Prime Minister to stand firm on process of reconciliation and maintaing consensus is a positive step in overwhelming its goals. The speech of Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, leader of PML(N) on 23rd

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